Assam: Sati & Shiva in the heart of people

By Manoj Kumar Ojha

GUWAHATI: In Ramcharit Manas; Tulsi Das says,” Nmou Bhawani Sankarou,  Shraddha Vishvas Rupinou.”

In true sense the people of Assam express their respect and faith towards Maa Kamakhya and Lord Shiva .

“Every year almost the every second Assamese people go for Kanwar – Yatra ” to the Hindu Pilgrimage like Haridwar, Gaumukh and Gangotri in Uttrakhand and Sultanganj in Biha,” Pandit Aatamanand Bhattacharjee of Rudra-Rudransh temple told Our India.

“They fetch the holy waters of the Ganges River to pour it on various Shiva temples in India,” he added.

The Kanwar-Yatra is the annual pilgrimage of the devotees of Shiva known as Kanvaria .

The Kanwar-Yatra takes place in the holy month of ” Shravan ” also known as ” Saavan ” .

This year it began on July 4 and will end on August 15 .

Thousands of people from Assam and the entire northeast region starts Saavan Yatra of Kanwar which is usually held in the month of July to August in the Gregorian calendar.

However, the Kanvar yatra from Sultanganj to Devghar in the  state of Jharkhand and Brahmaputra  river bank to Siva Daul in Sivasagar  district of upper Assam  is undertaken by Kanvarias all year round.

The 100 kilometers Kanwar-Yatra in Saavan is done barefooted by the devotees with utmost devotion and thrill.

It is the religious awakening which has been connecting the hearts from Assam to Bihar,  Arunachal Pradesh to Gujrat and Tripura to Bengal.

In this holy month no one aak anyone’s name but just ask to chant – Bol Bam ! Har Har Mahadeva !!

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