BRO responds swiftly to restore road connectivity to North Sikkim

Guwahati: Monsoon is the time when nature wakes up from its deep sleep and rejuvenates. But the monsoon in Sikkim takes the form of incessant rainfall during the months from May till September while July is the wettest of all.

Around 600-700 mm of rainfall takes place here each month , but continuous rains of last one week have adversely affected the lives of local population.

The fury of incessant rains severed the road communications to North Sikkim on July 14 with multiple breaches and landslides at Raphangkhola and Lanthakhola on Gangtok to Chungthang road.

This resulted in interruption of movement of locals and tourists to the Lachen and Lachung valleys. More than 1400 tourists and 130 vehicles were stranded in Lachen and Lachung valley. The flow of essential supplies and emergency services were also adversely affected.

The opening of road was time critical and very important for large number of Army troops deployed on Line of Actual Control in North Sikkim.

The Karamyogis of Project Swastik swung into quick action and responded meticulously to the challenge by mobilising the Quick Reaction Teams and deploying two excavators and a wheel dozer. Total of 160 bravehearts of BRO worked day and night in bad weather to restore the vital road communication.

The task was done on war footing in coordination with the State administration and Army. The relentless effort of BRO Karamyogis ensured opening of road within record time of three days .

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